University of Akron Off Campus Housing: Why Off Campus Housing is Better

There are many options for where you can live while attending classes at the University of Akron. From on-campus dorms to apartments, houses to commuting, the options seem almost endless. Though some University of Akron students may prefer on-campus housing, others have learned that there are a number of fantastic benefits to living just off campus.

More Space and Privacy

One of the major reasons why students choose University of Akron’s off-campus housing for their school year lodging is to have the benefit of enjoying extra privacy in their living space. Most of the dorms at the University of Akron are double occupancy, where privacy is often non-existent. Though University Edge residents may share common room space, you’ll still have your own bedroom, your own bathroom and a walk-in closet. So, if you need time to yourself to study or unwind, you’ll have that privacy available! Plus you won’t have to walk down the hall to use the bathroom or do laundry as you would in a dorm. What’s more, our off-campus apartments even come with a washer and dryer in every apartment. Sure, dorm life is great, but sometimes you just want some time and your personal space.

Live with Friends

In addition to more privacy, living off campus also means more space. Another reason University of Akron off-campus housing is a popular choice, especially among upperclassmen, is because there are more options for the number of people you want to live with during the semester. At University Edge, we offer two-bedroom Akron apartments, three-bedroom Akron apartments, and four-bedroom Akron apartments. So no matter whether you have one, two or even three friends you want to live with for your next semester, University Edge has the housing option for you. And no need to worry about being penalized for living with a forgetful roommate; each of our apartments is rented on a per room basis, so you won’t be penalized in any way if your roommate misses rent. Just let us know the floorplan you want and who you want to room with and University Edge will make it happen.

Escape the College Bubble

Being able to live off campus helps put you in a more peaceful and better psychological state. It’s no surprise that college is a stressful and busy time. When you live off campus, you’re able to escape that craziness and relax in a sanctuary that’s all your own.

If you are considering off-campus student housing, we recommend University of Akron off-campus housing within a short distance from campus. Ultimately you want to find that balance between being able to escape campus while also being able to walk to class in under five minutes.

That’s why we believe University Edge has one of the best off-campus locations for University of Akron students. When you call University Edge home, you’re within walking distance to everywhere you would want to go on campus or in downtown Akron.

Start calling University Edge your home! Thinking about University of Akron off-campus housing for your next semester? Come check out our student housing and schedule a tour to see what living on the edge has to offer you. Schedule a tour today!