Top Questions from Parents

At University Edge, we are committed to offering an easy options for off-campus living for University of Akron students. We realize that in most cases though, it’s the parents footing the bill for our off-campus student apartments. We also realize that parents tend to have the same questions when looking at our Akron student apartments and comparing them to others in the area. Below we’ve compiled the top questions we receive from parents about our off-campus apartments.

Security of our Apartments

We understand that as a concerned parent researching student apartment options for your University of Akron, one of your main concerns is the security of our building. We ensure the security of our buildings by having a secure parking garage, keyed entry, attendants in our lobby, and keyed entry to apartment and their private bedroom. All of these features ensure your student can enjoy their time at University Edge in the safest way possible.

All-Inclusive Living What Does That Mean?

We use the phrase all-inclusive living to describe our Akron student apartments a lot, which means we get a lot of questions about what all this entails. The answer: everything! Our all-inclusive student apartments include basic amenities like electric, water, trash, etc. But the list doesn’t stop there! Other amenities for our student apartments include other amenities your student will enjoy like wi-fi, gym access, computer lab, tanning and more! You can enjoy only having one bill to pay, and your student will love all the extra amenities compared to dorm room living.

How to Pay Rent

Another question we get quite often about our off-campus student apartments is how to pay the rent bill. We realize this is a primary concern for parents and students alike. We have an easy to use online portal for either you or your student to pay rent online. Or have them stop by our office to drop off a check. Whichever is easier for you! Plus, with the all-inclusive living, you only have to worry about the cost of rent and no other payments.

Since our rooms are rented on a per room basis, you won’t have to worry about one of your student’s roommates missing rent and being penalized with a late fee. If you ever have questions feel free to call our office or contact us.

Still have questions about our Akron off-campus? Come see it for yourself! We offer tours of our University of Akron off-campus apartments year round. Schedule a tour today and see University Edge in person and why it’s the best option for your student.