The semester is coming to a close; you know what that means…. Finals Week. The dreaded time where everything you learned over the past semester flies out the window. We understand how stressful this is, but you are almost done! In order to get through finals together, we have compiled a list of 6 tips to do during the week as well as study locations on and off campus.


  1. Get some Sleep

I know we all think those all-nighter cram sessions make the most out of studying, but they may not be as useful as you think. Without getting the proper sleep, your brain won’t function as effectively as it could. If you are worrying about not enough study time and stay up all night, your brain will process the information as if you didn’t study at all. So, we recommend you get some sleep!

 2. Be Active

While finals week could take a lot out of you, we suggest that you still find time to be active. If you end up laying around all day, you won’t feel very motivated to find time to study. By staying active, you are allowing yourself to be put in a better headspace. With that being said, the nicer weather is a perfect opportunity to get outside.

3. Make a Study Plan

Studying can be difficult when you have to remember an entire semester’s worth of information. We recommend for you to create a study plan for yourself. This could include, material to work on each day, problems to practice, or even teaching yourself the information if you didn’t pay attention the first time around. With a study plan, you can have a clear list on what needs to be accomplished. By doing this, we also suggest setting a good study time plan. Instead of cramming for 7 hours in one day, split it up and put short breaks in between. Being able to walk away from studying for a little bit could be very beneficial when it comes to retaining information.

4. Stay off of TikTok

Following off of the study plan we recommend; we also suggest staying off of TikTok at all costs. If that means deleting the app for the week, then do that, but do whatever it takes. Taking those breaks in between studying, you may find yourself on your phone beginning to scroll through TikTok. Most people end up getting lost in “TikTok World” and 5 hours later you are still sitting there. We don’t mean to do it, but many people find it as a habit. By taking time off of TikTok, you may be able to avoid this, which allows for more time to study effectively. 

5. Try a New Study Spot

Effective studying also includes having a workspace that motivates you to get work done. For example, lying in bed to study will probably lead to falling asleep before you learn anything. Oftentimes, studying in the exact same spot can become boring and increase your chances of picking up a distraction. We have come up with some great places to get you away from your desk and chair to study efficiently.

University Edge Study Rooms
If you find studying in your apartment isn’t working but don’t want to leave Edge, our study rooms are a great option! This small change of scenery could help clear your head to get extra study time in. With our study rooms being open 24/7, late night study sessions could call for use of our free coffee machines. By bringing your own cup, you can enjoy some coffee while getting through finals week.

University Edge Courtyards
Similar to the study rooms, the courtyards are great options to get outside without leaving Edge. With two different types of courtyards, there are a lot of seating options to find a great study space. During nicer weather a fountain is turned on for relaxing noise while you work.

Coleman Commons
While the weather is back and forth, there are some good forecasts coming soon. As it gets nicer outside, studying on campus may be a great option for you! There are many areas within Coleman Commons that offer great views of campus. Whether you sit on the benches, the steps, in the grass, or bring a hammock to hang between the trees, you have many different ways to study.

Bierce Library
Bierce Library can be one of the best places to get work done for finals on campus. With multiple floors and many study areas and study rooms, there is a lot of opportunity for focus in these areas. The late-night hours allow for a lot of work to be done whenever you feel most motivated throughout the day.

Student Union
Lastly, we wanted to highlight the Student Union on campus. This is less than a 5-minute walk from University Edge and is a great study spot. Once again, there is multiple floors to choose from for studying. Whenever you may become hungry during studying in the Union, you have the opportunity for different places to eat or you can get some caffeine from Starbucks!

6. Create a Study Group

The last tip we recommend is to create a study group for your classes. When it comes to finals, understanding the concepts is very important. By creating a study group, this allows you to work off of each other to learn the material needed. While someone may understand one concept, that doesn’t mean they understand another. This could allow you to become more familiar with topics that can be difficult.

Overall, we hope you take a few of these tips and apply them towards the end of your semester. Whether it is your first year at The University of Akron or your last, you have made it through another semester. While final’s week is scary, we know that you can get through it. You are so close, and we know you will do great! Have a fantastic final’s week Edge residents!!