We know it’s a crazy time for everyone. Whether you are a CEO, a student, a person starting their first full time job, someone working part-time, in high school, middle school, or even kindergarten, this virus has affected everyone in their own way. We understand the fear of going back to school, work, and resuming regular activities. We understand the frustrations, and the importance of having sanitized areas in order to properly function. This is why at University Edge, we are making it a priority to make sure our residents feel safe during this time.

We have implemented a few new rules when using our amenities, such as:

Allowing a certain number of people in each room at a time.
Shutting down amenities to thoroughly clean and sanitize them.
Providing wipes and sanitizing equipment with the amenities.
Requiring residents to wipe down any high touch areas before AND after use.
Requiring residents to practice social distancing while using amenities.

We have also provided a few new rules to our leasing office, to keep both our staff, and residents safe:1. Residents are to maintain a 6 feet distance between themselves and staff when discussing any questions. 2. Masks are required when coming into the leasing office. 3. Limited office hours, but 24 hour on-call in case of emergencies.

A few questions people may have is about two days that may require a crowd: Move-Out & Move-In Day.

Here’s a look at how our Move-Out Day will go: July 31st, 2020 is move out day for residents.

Most residents usually move out before this time, because of schedules, and going home for the summer. This would help eliminate crowds. Residents are asked to fill out a form, and fold their keys into the envelope provided, and drop it off into the leasing office. Masks are required when coming into the leasing office, with a 2 person limit in the office at one time. We welcome residents and parents to come into the office with any questions you may have, while practicing social distancing.

Move-In Day will go a bit different this year. In August, once your room is ready to move-in, you will be receiving a call from the front office. You will be able to schedule a time to come in and pick up your keys. We ask that residents refrain from bringing a small crowd with them. This way we are limiting large crowds, and allowing residents to move into a fresh new room.

University Edge understands the importance of staying safe, while getting back to a new normal. Let us ease your mind the best we can! We hope this can clear up any uncertainty or questions you may have had. Please feel free to give us a call, or send us over an email if you ever have any questions.