There are many reasons why University of Akron students decide to live off campus. Sure, living on campus is excellent freshman year for getting to know other University of Akron students and getting accustomed to campus. Eventually, though, students may consider living off campus in an off-campus Akron apartment. If you are contemplating living off campus, next semester here are five reasons you should skip the dorms and live off campus.

Life Experience

While living in a dorm and away from your parents gives you life skills for after graduation, living off campus takes these skills to the next level. When you live in an off-campus Akron apartment, it requires more responsibility. Tasks like grocery shopping and making sure your monthly rent is paid become part of your college routine in an off-campus student apartment. Living at an off-campus student apartment like University Edge is a great stepping stone for life after college. When you live at our off-campus student apartment, your rent is all-inclusive. Meaning you’ll only have to worry about paying the one bill each month to enjoy all the amenities of living at University Edge. Making living off campus as a University of Akron student as comfortable as possible, while still gaining valuable life skills.

Cost Effectiveness

Believe it or not, off-campus living can sometimes be cheaper than living on campus. When you live on campus, you are paying for your room and board along with your tuition. This cost includes your meal plan and other perks of on-campus living. If you don’t have a scholarship that covers your room and board and want to know if living off campus would be cheaper, divide the amount you pay and room and board by the months you live on campus. That’s how much your room and board costs a month. Now compare that to the cost of an off-campus apartment. In most cases, the cost of off-campus living is more cost-effective for students.

Fitting to Your College Lifestyle

While on campus living is excellent as an underclassman, when you live off campus you have more control of how you spend your time. It’s nice to have a mental break from classes and space away from campus to relax and catch your breath in the busyness of college life. Plus, because our off-campus apartments are a short walk to the downtown Akron area, if you work or intern downtown your a short walk away from these off-campus activities.

More Space and Privacy

Have more space to yourself in an off-campus student apartment! Instead of sharing a small dorm room, like you probably did your freshman year, off-campus apartments offer you different communal lounge options and your own room for when you want your privacy. At a University of Akron off-campus apartment like University Edge, you’ll be able to match your needs with the off-campus floorplan of your choosing. Choose between floorplans like our 2 bedroom floorplan, 3 bedroom floorplan, and 4 bedroom floorplan. ┬áPick friends from the University of Akron you want to live with or be paired up with our roommate matching program!

Renting History

Another primary reason college students consider living off campus is to get renting history that will help them get an apartment after graduation. Most college graduates will end up moving into an apartment at some point in their life. Having renting history gives you an extra boost when you apply for an apartment because it shows you are a trustworthy renter. Besides the life skills, we mentioned earlier, renting history is a valuable tool that will help you later on after college life.

Think that you want to live off campus next semester? Come check out our University of Akron off-campus apartments and see for yourself why University Edge should be your home away from home! Schedule a tour today.