So you’ve decided to live off-campus next semester. There are many reasons why University of Akron students decide that off-campus living is for them. While you are one step closer to finding your home away from home for the semester, there are still other decisions you have to make. There are many University of Akron off-campus housing options available for students, and not all options are the same for various reasons. Find the perfect off-campus apartment for you and your lifestyle and make sure you consider these things while deciding on your off-campus Akron apartment.

Close to Campus

Location is one of the first and most important things you should consider when looking for an off-campus apartment. Ultimately, you want an off-campus apartment where you’ll be able to walk or ride your bike to campus. Sure, you want to be off-campus, but getting too far off-campus adds extra stress to your commute to class. By finding University of Akron off-campus housing within walking distance to campus, you’ll not have to worry about rushing to campus or finding a parking spot and then rushing to class. Our location at University Edge makes it so our residents have the luxury of living off-campus while still being able to walk to your favorite places on campus.

All-Inclusive Living

Another major factor to think about while weighing your off-campus student apartment options is what features the off-campus apartment offers and whether or not they cost extra. Some apartments will charge you extra for utilities. At University Edge, we want to make off-campus living as comfortable as possible. One of the ways we do that is by including all of our amenities in the initial cost of rent. That’s right, your rent payment covers everything to live at University Edge. When you live here, you’ll enjoy all-inclusive student apartment living and won’t pay extra for amenities. We think college is stressful enough and you shouldn’t have to worry about paying multiple bills each month on top of your classes, extracurricular activities or job.

When you call University Edge home you just pay the initial cost of rent, with nothing else included. That includes all utilities! Besides the basic utilities included in the cost of rent, there are other fun bonuses included with this cost. For example, our student apartments Akron include the cost of tanning, a gym, and unlimited printing in our computer lab.

Payment System

Plus, when looking for an off-campus student apartment in Akron, make sure you also consider the payment system and model. Not all student apartments in Akron are all-inclusive. Also, different student apartments have different payment models. For example, some apartments offer online payment for their rent.

At University Edge, we offer our residents an online portal to pay their rent whenever is most convenient for them. We also, charge our rent on a per room basis. Meaning that, if your roommate misses rent, or drops out of the University of Akron, your cost of rent will not be affected by these events.

Staff that Cares

Another important factor to consider when researching options for an off-campus apartment near the University of Akron is the staff working at the apartment. You’ll want to make sure the staff cares about you. At University Edge, our staff makes it a priority to plan fun events for our student residents because we know college can be a stressful time. We strive to make our University of Akron off campus housing a break away from campus living and the hassle of college life. Our staff plans events in our courtyard and lounge involving food, fun and sometimes even a photo booth! You can tell when the staff at your off-campus apartments appreciate you.

We know there’s a lot of factors to consider when looking for an off-campus apartment near the University of Akron. We hope our list made it a little bit easier for you to find that perfect home away from home setting. See what our student apartments Akron look like in person. Schedule a tour of our apartments and see why many University of Akron students choose our off-campus apartments.