So your college student wants to live off campus next semester? There are many benefits to living off campus. As a parent, you probably have many questions about what living in off campus Akron student housing has to offer. Below we highlight some of the benefits and top reasons parents choose off campus housing for their student’s housing.

Save Money

Depending on financial aid situations, living in off-campus student apartments Akron can cost significantly less. It’s easy to find out whether or not you and your college student will save money with off-campus housing. To figure this out, take the amount of money spent on student housing last year and divide it by the total months your student lived on campus. The number you get from that equation is the amount per month spent on campus living. Now compare that number to monthly rent for an off campus Akron apartment. In most cases, the off-campus apartment rent is the more cost-efficient option.

Year Round Housing

Another main reason students opt to live off-campus is because off-campus housing offers the option to live near the University of Akron all year long. This option is especially important to students who are pursuing a field where internships help them get a foot in the door for a job after college. Studies like marketing, finance, human resources are just a couple of the fields where internships are beneficial to partake in during college years. If your student gets an internship near campus, off-campus Akron apartments are an excellent way to not miss out on these opportunities.

More Responsibility

Living off-campus will allow your college student to be more responsible for their living situation. As a parent, you can rest assured that having this responsibility during college years will help them with adult life after graduation. Off-campus Akron apartments will make your student responsible for cleaning, cooking, and many other skills that will assist in adult life!

Gain Life Skills

Not only will your college student be responsible for cooking and cleaning, but will also learn valuable life skills from living on their own. Some of these life skills include budgeting, paying rent on time, grocery shopping and more. These are all life skills students will learn by living off-campus.

Keyed Entry

Know your college student is safe when they live in our off-campus Akron apartments.  Safety is our top priority at University Edge, and one of the ways we ensure that for our residents is a keyed entry. Having keyed access ensures no one can get into our building unless they have a key. As a parent, this extra layer of security will give you peace of mind.

Rental History

Besides gaining life skills, your student will also gain something equally valuable for life after college, rental history. If your college student plans on getting an apartment after graduation having rental history gives them references that will help them get their desired apartments easier than without having a rental history.

Get out of the College Bubble

Living off-campus is a popular choice for upperclassman students because it allows students opportunities that on campus housing does not. Many students love the freedom living off-campus offers, plus just being able to have that extra psychological distance between where you live and where you study.

Better Roommate Situations

Unfortunately, bad roommate situations happen in college. At University Edge, you can pick your roommates and the floorplan that works best for your lifestyle. At our Akron student apartments we offer 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, and 4 bedroom apartments. Plus, at University edge rent is paid on a per room basis. So if your roommate misses rent, it won’t affect your student in any way.

Think off-campus housing is your best option for your next semester at the University of Akron? We agree! See for yourself our off-campus Akron student apartments when you schedule a tour at University Edge next semester.