To live on campus, or to live off campus….that is the question. There are many reasons why students choose to live in University of Akron off-campus housing over other options available to them. Here we highlight some of the pros of living in off campus Akron apartments and address some of the arguments people have against off campus living.

Pro: Save Money

In many cases, living in off campus housing Akron can help students save money. To find out if you’d save money by switching to off-campus housing let’s do some math. Take how much you spent on student housing last year and divide it by the months you were living on campus. That number is how much you were paying for each month for living on campus. Now compare that to the amount you’d pay in rent for off-campus student living. In most cases, unless there are various scholarships to cover on-campus living, the off campus amount will be significantly less.

Con: Far From Campus

A common argument against living off campus is the fact that you’d be missing out on having the college experience. In some cases, living off campus means that you’d be missing out on the convenience of rolling out of bed and being able to make it to class in less than ten minutes. If this is a concern for you, be selective when picking an off-campus student housing option. Our off-campus student apartments make sure that you are still within walking distance to the University of Akron campus. The location of our off-campus student housing makes it so you can still quickly and easily make your way to campus, so you don’t have to miss out, or wake up extra early to make it to class on time.

Pro: Learn Life Skills

Another big argument for living off-campus for a semester or year is the benefit of learning valuable life skills while in college. Life skills you can learn from living off campus include grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and paying rent on time. These life skills will help set you up for successful future after graduation.

Con: Lack of Community

Another common argument we hear against living off campus is the lack of community. While this might be true with some off-campus student housing options, our apartments are located close enough to campus to still keep you in the middle of the action. Plus our staff at our Akron apartments are intentional about hosting events and being present for University of Akron students.

Pro: Have Your Own Space

Many students like the feeling of living off campus because it provides a break from all that studying. Your mind can certainly benefit from escaping campus and having your own personal space. While living on campus is fun, most upperclassmen like regaining their space, especially as they get into their upper-level coursework. Plus, you’ll be able to select a floorplan that works best for you and your roommates’ lifestyles. Depending on how many roommates you’d like to have we have 2 bedroom apartments in Akron Ohio, 3 bedroom apartments, and 4 bedroom apartments. So no matter what your next semester might look like University Edge offers a off campus apartment that can fit your needs.

Con: Transportation

Finally, another con we often hear about off-campus living is that reliable transportation will be needed to make sure students can get to class. While that might be the case for some off-campus living situations, at University Edge, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll still be able to walk to class.

Thinking about living off campus for your next semester at the University of Akron? Schedule a tour today of our off-campus student apartments and see what can be your home away from home for next semester.