Summer is finally here! While we are sure you are busy enjoying the warmer weather and not having classes all week, you might be starting to plan for your next semester. This planning might involve thinking about your living situation for the upcoming semester.

There are many University of Akron off campus housing options available to upperclassmen. Some of these options include renting a house or renting an off-campus apartment. If you are thinking about having one of these housing options being your home away from home next semester, read our list of pros and cons for Akron student housing below.

Pro Off-Campus Student Apartment: Low Maintenance

One of the benefits of living in an off-campus student apartment is that apartment living is relatively low maintenance. Renting a house comes with more space, and while this is a perk, which we’ll get into later, this also means more cleaning and even yard work. Meanwhile, renting an apartment means you’ll have less space to clean. When your living space is less hassle, you as a student can focus on other more important things.

Con Off-Campus Student Apartment: Less Privacy

Living in an apartment means living in the middle of the action. While living in the action can be fun, depending on how much privacy you desire apartment living might not be the best option. Make sure the off-campus student housing you are considering has a floor plan that’ll work for you and the privacy you require.

Pro Renting House: More Outdoor Space

As we mentioned earlier, renting a house means you get a yard included with this living space. However, with this space, unless otherwise stated by your landlord comes maintenance tasks such as shoveling snow, mowing the grass, and pulling weeds. In some cases, a landlord will cover the cost of a landscaping company. If having outdoor space is important to you, but you are leaning towards apartment living make sure the apartments you are looking at have a courtyard. For example, our off-campus student housing has two courtyards for our students.

Con Renting House: Further from the Action

In most cases, renting a house is farther away from campus and the downtown area. A prime location makes it easier for off-campus apartment residents to make it to campus or head downtown for an internship or job. In fact, our off-campus student apartments are so close to the University of Akron that residents can still walk to class even while living off campus.

Pro Off-Campus Student Apartment: Professional Management

In most cases, student housing is managed by a building supervisor or a property management firm. With this professional management comes support that is professional, helpful, and mindful of the tenancy laws. Also, with a more professional management comes a more streamlined payment system. For example, our student apartments allow residents to pay online.

Con Off-Campus Student Apartment: Noise

Like we said earlier living in the middle of the action isn’t for everyone, if you are a person that likes lower noise levels consider that when you are picking out your housing option or your floor plan set up.

Pro Renting House: More Room

As we mentioned above, renting a house means having more room at your disposal. If you are a person, who needs extra room, renting a house might be for you. Keep in mind though that the extra space comes with additional maintenance and cleaning.

Con Renting House: More Driving

Living farther off campus has its perks, but it also has its downside. The farther the house you rent off campus, there will be more driving needed to get to classes. Driving to campus means you’ll also have to worry about finding a parking spot on campus. We recommend finding an off-campus housing option where you can still walk to classes and buildings on campus.

Overall, where you live next semester is a choice that’s completely up to you! If you think off-campus student apartments are the best option for your home away from home, schedule a tour of our Akron student housing today.